Do you think you know who your best prospects are? Last year on average, Lone Beacon helped its advisors identify 10 of their hottest prospects every month. That’s about $60 Million in Assets! And, here’s how we did it:

Content Creation:

    We create thoughtful content designed for your prospects using world class advertising messages that capture leads. We provide information to help you become a true thought leader in the financial industry by creating content that resonates with your prospects. The content includes messages through broadcast infomercials over TV and radio, private-labeled White Papers, private-labeled books and book series, social media posts and blogs on your website, inbound and outbound database marketing, and print advertising.

Content Delivery:

    Having the right message is only part of the answer. Lone Beacon helps you identify your best audiences based on your firm. We send the content to your prospects every week through multiple mediums to ensure that your audience is reached. This includes email engagement, social media posts, and pushing your audience to view articles, papers, and material provided by you.

Engagement Lists:

    We can tell you who is interested in your firm, what they’re interested in, and what information is most important to them. We do this by measuring engagement in emails, website traffic, and lead-information submissions. We can aggregate this data to find who your most engaged audiences are from a month to month basis.

Targeting Top Prospects:

    We give you a list of your top prospects each month and a strategy of how to convert them into clients. Get vital information about your prospects like age, investable assets, and their interests. In the end, the top leads will be delivered to your and your per-designated staff members.