You need a great website! More people will visit your website than will ever step foot in your office. Your website is your virtual storefront, and it should also be your largest source of lead generation. Nearly EVERY prospect that you meet with will visit your site before they commit to an appointment (and they’ll likely visit your competitor’s sites too). So, with SO MUCH at stake for new assets, isn’t it time you invested in your website in a manor commensurate with your office space?

If you’re a financial advisor in business today and your website is not built for the technological age, you must ask yourself why investing in a top-of-the-line is not one of your highest priorities strictly from a business standpoint: If your website can help you sell one high net worth family and make $50,000 – $100,000, why wouldn’t you invest in that?

There is empirical data that shows that a well-designed website, built for leads, pays for itself over and over again. While lead generation is common sense reason to invest in a quality website, another reason is to take an analytical approach to your business so you can better understand, and better serve, your audience and your existing clients.

It comes down to simple questions any business owner should ask themselves and know the answers to: What cities and towns are my customers coming from? Once they’re on my website, what are they looking at? Are they finding me through Google or some other means? How many people are visiting my website? Are they coming once or returning?

You know how many people are coming into your office every day, why wouldn’t you know how many people are coming to your website? Our advisors who understand this concept behind a first-class website and all the data points surrounding it, without question, have a leg up on their competitors.

Lone Beacon has never launched a website without gaining leads from it in the first week. We can tell who’s coming, where they’re coming from, what they’re doing on your website. Click here to learn more about custom websites for financial advisors or you can get in touch with us here.